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"Lucky Crit"

"Lucky Crit" was a concept thought up by Stevie and close friend Cameron, both seeking to fulfill their desires of starting up a Group YouTube channel and creating a semi-regular podcast. Once ideas were further fleshed out, another long-time friend was added to the mix as well; further complimenting the union. Show concepts were heavily discussed, resulting in the shows "Reflex," "Armory," the "Crit Cast," and "Hit Chance." Each was thought up to showcase a certain area of gaming and tech, and each sought to put a brand new spin on it and create engaging and refreshing content for YouTube and other platforms.

As time went on though, due to some disagreements, scheduling issues, and other obstacles, solo content was put out in the hopes of maintaining the goal of at least one video per week. This solo content began to pick up steam and led into content series like the Pokémon GO series and ultimately ended up refocusing the channel on the Fire Emblem series of games, which Stevie always meant to include as a part of the focus but hadn't spent too much time on up to that point. The channel had become solely run by Stevie, though Cameron has since returned as a co-host on the Fireside Emblem Podcast.

With a heavy RPG and videogame influence, the show's names were carefully crafted to represent their meaning and purpose.


The name "Reflex" was loosely based upon the Final Fantasy Tactics Advance Reaction Ability whereby a unit completely dodges a melee attack. What started originally as an idea where Josh and Cameron would play games outside of their usual preference (like a dating sim) became a show structure where all three would be forced to play a game outside of their tastes selected by another member (alternating who selects the game each time). "Reflex" describes the natural reaction and first impressions garnered by the members of Lucky Crit, and usually results in rather memorable and entertaining content.

Hit Chance

The name "Hit Chance" Is based upon the Fire Emblem concept where each attack has a certain percentage to make contact with the enemy. To bypass the usual review strategy of discussing and rating modern games, Stevie decided to create a show that showcased and recommended old favorites and hidden gems gamers may not have ever played. Instead of rating them he'd give them a hit chance, or a percentage of people he felt would appreciate the game title. A Hit Chance of 70% echoed that he assumed about 70% of viewers would appreciate the game and determine it a "Hit".

Crit Cast

The "Crit Cast" was Cameron's creation, he wanted a platform where gaming and gaming related news could be intellectually discussed on a semi-regular basis. In keeping with the original RPG Gaming styled naming conventions, original name concepts were "Stockade," "Convoy" and way earlier, "Bytes Before Breakfast." Ultimately Cameron decided to keep it simple and call it the "Crit Cast," thus establishing it as our flagship podcast segment.


"Armory" was a simple concept, Stevie sought to have a series where he could showcase products added to the arsonal and incite discussion about them. An example of this is the NTSC Metallic Blue New 3DS XL, a product that Stevie wanted but was not released in America. Nintendo determined that America would receive Red and Black variations of the New 3DS XL, but not the Blue that had been released in other regions. After researching the product, Stevie found that a UAE Singaporian / Malaysian version had been released that did in fact work with American NTSC-A games. This was something unusual due to the constraints of console region locking, which piqued Stevie's interest. Seeking to inform as well as do an unboxing and showcase the product that had been unavailable in America, "Armory" was born.

The group also knew they wanted to do Let's Plays, although the concept was overused and YouTube was oversaturated with them, but they remained hopeful that their spin on the concept and their personalities would contribute to the community and the playthroughs and guides of the games they played.

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